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                Our Products

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                Intelligent Alarm System

                Intelligent Alarm System

                Easily create a more comfortable, convenient and safe whole house intelligent life.

                Video Alarm System

                Video Alarm System

                This system is used to upgrade the present video monitoring system to alarm+video intelligent alarm system.

                Smart Home System

                Smart Home System

                Bring ease, comfort and convenience for users through remote control and device group linkage.

                Security System Accessories

                Security System Accessories

                To provide customers with high quality, low price, high performance, low false alarm security products.


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                YOUR WORLD, JUST A TAP AWAY

                Stay in total control all the time. Whether you're using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, a click or two is all you'll ever need to check in. The free FOCUS app is available for iOS, Android, Apple TV and web browser.

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                About Meian

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                MADE IN MEIAN

                Over 25 Years Of Industrial Experience, Leading Alarm system & Smart Home system supplier.

                Manufacturing Security Systems Under ISO 9001:2015

                Shenzhen Meian Technology is a manufacturer that specializes in the development and production of PSTN/GSM residential and commercial security alarm systems. Our operations follow the ISO 9001:2015 standards and our alarm items are CE- and CCC-approved. Join our list of repeat buyers from Europe, South America, the Middle East and Asia in sourcing from us.

                Allocating up to 20% of Annual Revenue to R&D

                We focused on providing you with the latest design and technology in the field of security and protection, we reinvest up to 20 percent of our annual revenue in R&D and run R&D centers in the US and Hong Kong.

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                Exhibit Events

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                intersec 2019
                The world’s leading trade fair for Security, Safety & Fire Protection
                ISC West 2019
                10 - 12 April 2019
                ISC West is the only event focusing on building a security strategy
                ISC East 2018
                14 -15 November, 2018
                (2018 ISC East) – is the Northeast’s largest security trade show.

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